Worlds First Global Cafe On Wheels – Wheelys

Worlds First Global Cafe On Wheels

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A Wheelys is a full serviced cafe on wheels. It serves coffee, tea, cold drinks, juices, pastries, fruits, salads and sandwiches. Wheelys is an award winning Swedish invention. It’s the world’s smallest, best designed café, totally enclosed in a hi-tech bicycle that can be yours with an initial investment of only $3,450-less than 1% of what it would cost to launch a Starbucks franchise.

Advantage Of Cafe On Wheels

Customers convenient to get gourmet coffee in addition to basic snack foods. The main benefit of a portable snack cart for them is that it reduces the commuting time to another location. A cart with a regular schedule is even more convenient than the Starbucks or similar shop a block away. With regard to business owners, the cart combines a doubly demonstrated business model with an extremely low-cost barrier to entry.

About Wheelys 2.0

You will surprise that a simple wheel cafe is integrated with LCD TV, water tank, solar power charger, WIFI and many other cool accessories. It allow you to sell at parking lot, fleet market, garden and anywhere you can imagine.

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