6 Things To Learn From Sarah Allen About WBC ?‍?

In early 2015, Seattle played host to one of coffee’s largest events: the World Barista Championship. Competitors from over 50 countries came to perform in front of an international audience of hundreds, with thousands more watching online. The World Barista Championship is a tremendous industry event, with an end goal of finding a Champion to serve as a global ambassador for specialty coffee for the following year.
We sat down with Barista Magazine editor Sarah Allen to discuss how the World Barista Championship has changed over the years, and how it has helped shape – and been shaped by – the global coffee industry.

6 Things To Learn From Sarah Allen

  1. How did the WBC begin?
  2. How has the WBC since grown?
  3. What does it mean to be a WBC champion? (2:34)
  4. How has the WBC influenced trends in the coffee industry? (3:17)
  5. What makes the WBC so compelling to spectators? (4:37)
  6. How does a country meet the requirements to compete in the WBC? (5:34)

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