Pour Over Brew Coffee ☕ With Kalita Kantan Dripper

About Kalita Kantan Dripper

“KANTAN” means “easy” in Japanese, and these little single-cup single-use drippers live up to its name!

With a small and flat-bottomed filter bed, you will find that the problems of uneven extraction and not enough time for the water to dwell in the coffee are removed. In the end, you’ll find a sweet, balanced extraction, the full-body character of coffee from these drippers

How to Brew Coffee With Kalita Kantan Dripper

Last update was on: July 14, 2024 1:04 pm
  1. Bend sides of dripper gently along the arc-shaped scoring lines. Expand the filter “basket” carefully and insert the middle tabs of the dripper’s wings into the inside of a coffee cup.
  2. Bring 250 mL of good quality water to a boil.
  3. Grind and measure around 14 - 16 grams of medium ground coffee for your Kalita Kantan Dripper
  4. Carefully place ground coffee in the basket of the dripper.
  5. Once water is off the boil, slowly begin filling the dripper with water. Be very careful here not to overflow the coffee as it “blooms” around the top and bubbles at the edges of the filter opening. Water will slowly drip through into the cup, and you will keep filling it until you’ve used your water.

Useful Tip:  Kalita Kantan drip will take about three minutes for full extraction, so you’ll want to cover your pouring vessel to lose as little heat as possible while you are waiting to refill.

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