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Latte Macchiato- Difference From Cappuccino and Latte

In the world of coffee today, there are a number of varieties and options available to choose from. Yet, avid coffee drinkers have a specific preference and choice amongst the many. The most popular of all are cappuccino, latte and macchiato. Even though the main amongst the three is coffee, all are diverse in flavours, method of preparation and origin. Each variety stands in its own place and offers a wide difference, especially in terms of flavour. Let us discuss and know the exact difference between the three and how they are preferred in what terms.

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Latte Macchiato

A glass filled with hot frothed milk, into which a serving of espresso has been slowly dribbled. The coffee colours, or stains, the milk. In both Italy and the United States, this drink is presented with a relatively short head of froth. Note that in the cappuccino, the milk and froth are added to the coffee, in the caffe latte they are poured simultaneously into a large bowl or glass, mixing them, while in the latte macchiato, the espresso is poured into the milk and froth, creating a layered effect as viewed through the serving glass.

How to make a Latte Macchiato

  1. Pour cold milk into pitcher and froth it with a steam wand in your Espresso machine. (If your machine doesn’t contain the steam wand, simply pour the milk into a pan and steam it on the hob. Don’t forget to whisk the milk to make sure it won’t stick to the bottom.)
  2. When the milk is ready, pour it into a tall ‘Latte’ glass. Use a spoon to separate a little bit of the ‘dry’ foam while pouring and add it on top.
  3. Now it’s time to take a shot of Espresso coffee. I recommend you do not use a regular coffee cup, but something like a little milk jug that has the peak for pouring.
  4. Take the hot Espresso and use approximately half a shot. Pour it carefully in the middle of the cup.
  5. You may notice that on the top of the foam there is a hole where the milk has separated from the pouring; use the rest of the foam from the pitcher to cover it up and create a nice tip with a spoon.
  6. The drink will now divide into three layers of milk, coffee and foam.

A few more tricks for a unique latte macchiato

You can garnish your latte macchiato like a cappuccino, getting creative with some latte art. You could also surprise your guests serving using original glasses, like a beer mug or an old conserve jar. The ultimate touch for a unique, delicious latte macchiato is putting a hazelnut chocolate candy on the bottom of the glass: it will melt in the hot milk and coffee, enriching your latte macchiato with a heartwarming scent of gianduja chocolate.

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