Hario V60 Pour Over Method by 2012 World Brewers Cup Champion ?

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Matt Perger is a Barista, Roaster, Green Buyer, Consultant and Partner at St Ali and Sensory Lab in Melbourne, Australia. He was 2012 World Brewers Cup 2012 champion, 2nd place in 2013 World Barista Championship and 3rd place in 2011 World Barista Championship.

Matt Perger

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From this video, you will learn recipe and instruction for Hario 1-cup V60 Pour Over from Matt Parger.

4 Simple Steps to Brew Single Cup Hario V60 From Home

  • Dosage: 29 Grams for 440 mL (66g/L)
  • Grind: Medium (or finer) (15-20/40)
  • Temp: Off the boil (I brewed at 203°-205°)
  • Pre-Infusion: Pre-wet and let sit for 45 seconds
  • Total Time: N/A


  1. Rinse Filter
  2. Grind and pour coffee into V60 shaking to settle grounds.
  3. Pre-infuse with water allowing it to sit 45 seconds
  4. Begin pouring from the centre out clockwise in a circular motion until the volume is reached.

This method worked surprisingly well for two reasons: first, it was a pretty general method which left it up to you to fill in some parameters per the coffee. Second, while the dosage was higher than 60g/L and the brew temperature high (Let the water sit for a bit after boiling so the temperature was probably at 203°-205°) the grind was coarser which guarded against over-extraction.

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