Espresso Common Mistake Education Video By 2009 WBC ?

Get Rid of Espresso Common Mistake

If you are learning espresso and want to be better Barista, why not learn from a world barista champion? A new video series from Gwilym Davies and European Coffee Trip offers just provide you with this opportunity. Over this series of espresso education videos, Gwilym breaks down the fundamentals of espresso preparation, including dosing, tamping, and equipment maintenance. With the guide of Gwilym, you will able to avoid espresso common mistake and make a better cup of espresso.

About Gwilym Davies

Gwilym Davies is a World Barista Champion from 2009 in Atlanta, World Coffee Events Head Judge and Certified SCAE Trainer. Gwilym is also well known for being a co-founder and director at Prufrock Coffee.

Since 2013 Gwilym lives in Jílové u Prahy, the Czech Republic where he runs his training centre with his wife, the Czech barista Petra Veselá.

Espresso Common Mistake 1: Coffee Distribution

This video is about the effective distribution of coffee from the grinder into the filter basket before tamping. To have a consistently even extraction without ‘channelling’ you need an effective and consistent technique for distributing the coffee evenly throughout the filter basket, leaving a flat and level surface before tamping.

Espresso Common Mistake 2: Tamping Mistakes

This video series looks at Tamping, an area of barista technique that has been overcomplicated and had far too much attention paid to it. Tamping is simply the applying of pressure to the coffee grinds to expel pockets of air and leave a level flat surface, the only requirements in achieving this are that you are consistent, quick, clean and do not damage yourself, the portafilter or the tamper.

Espresso Common Mistake 3: Dosing Mistakes

A major influence on the strength and flavour of espresso is the relationship between the amount dosed into the portafilter and the amount of water used to brew the espresso. Not being consistent with the amount dosed into the portafilter is a common dosing mistake and not knowing the amount of water used is a common brewing mistake, without this consistency and knowledge it is much harder to get the best from your coffee.

Espresso Common Mistake 4: Inserting Handle Into The Group

The journey of the coffee after tamping and before being brewed is never talked about but this journey is where mistakes are often made. The journey has to be quick but it also has to be done carefully, the video looks at flushing, inserting the portafilter and when to start the brewing process.

Espresso Common Mistake 5: Inserting Handle Into The Group

I am sure barista’s who took time to watch this series of videos are aware that handling the top of the cup and putting their fingers inside the cup is not acceptable but this video was made anyway.

Espresso Common Mistake 6: Cleaning Espresso Machine

Cleaning the espresso machine is not the most exciting topic but it has a huge influence on the taste of your espresso. This video looks at what to clean and how often.

About European Coffee Trip

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