What You Need To Know About The Difference Level of Roast Coffee ?

Difference Level Of Roast coffee

The only way to really understand roast is to associate the flavor with the colour and appearance of the bean rather than with name alone. A short summary and video are provided below for your reference.

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Light, Cinnamon, New England Roast

Roast colour: Light brown

Bean surface: Dry

Agtron Numbers: 80 – 70

Notes: Can taste sour and grainy. Typically used only for inexpensive commercial blends.

Medium, American, Regular, Brown, City Roast

Roast Color: Medium brown

Bean surface: Dry

Agtron Numbers: 70 – 50

Notes: Flavor is fully developed; acidity is bright; characteristics of green coffee are clear.

Viennese,  Light French, Espresso, Light espresso, Continental, After-dinner, European, Full-city Roast

Roast colour: Medium-dark brown

Bean surface: Dry to tiny droplets or patches of oil

Agtron Numbers: 50 – 40

Note: The normal or regular roast for many newer speciality roasters. Acidity and the characteristics of the green coffee begin to mute. Bittersweetness emerges. The norm for northern-Italian style espresso.

French, Espresso, Italian, Turkish, Dark Roast

Roast colour: Dark brown

Bean surface: Shiny surface

Agtron Numbers: 40-35

Note: Acidity is nearly gone; the characteristics of the green coffee muted. Bittersweet tones dominate. The norm for most American-style espresso.

Italian, Dark French, Neapolitan, Spanish, Heavy Roast

Roast colour: Very dark brown

Bean surface: Very shiny surface

Agtron Number: 35-30

Note:  Acidity is gone. In tactful versions of this roast some characteristics of the green coffee survive; in aggressive versions, all coffees taste the same: bittersweet with hints of burned or charred tones.

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