Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee Maker- BodyBew

Better Way of Cold Brew Coffee

BodyBrew is a cold brew coffee maker that put health, portability and convenience in design. Similar to other cold brew maker, it no require any heat or electricity to brew. However, the greatest advantage of BodyBrew is modular, compact and spill-proof, making it ideal for you to make cold brew coffee on-the-go. A custom count-up timer is integrated with the system. So you will never forget your perfect brew time.

BodyBrew Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Photo Credit: www.bodybrew.com

Heart, Stomach and Smile Friendly Coffee

Cold brew is the coffee brewing method without heat extraction. So, cold brew coffee has lower levels of oily compounds called cafestol, kahweol and acid that are normally found in hot brewed coffee. BodyBrew has also carried out lab tests with its patented cold brew infusion technology which show that 69% less total acid and 58% less tannic acid than single serve drip coffee methods.

Health Safe Materials and Easy to Clean

BodyBrew coffee maker is made using BPA, BPS, PVC, and Phthalate free material. Since BodyBrew coffee maker is fully modular, every parts can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.


BodyBew will start taking pre-orders from end of March until August 2015(estimated) with prices between $59 and $79.

Source: BodyBrew


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