Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Jura Ena Micro 1

What is the most convenient way to serve espresso drinks in, say, an office of ten or more employees, or a restaurant with self-served, free-flow coffee? This super automatic espresso machine is clearly the answer because it takes all the complications out of espresso making and gives you better espressos than Starbucks with just a few presses of buttons.

Did I just say better espressos than Starbucks? Yes, I did and there is no mistaking the fine taste of perfectly brewed espresso from the Jura Ena Micro 1. It is dark, rich and flavorful, and topped with thick crema. Great base for lattes and cappuccinos as well.

Press and Brew Your Favorite Drink in Seconds

Super automatic espresso machines are meant to be foolproof, and this one goes even further to add thoughtfulness to its design.

The Jura Ena Micro 1 is easier to use than my smartphone. It comes with a manual that helps you set it up the first time in less than ten minutes, and tells you how to use the buttons in front and on top of the machine. You can program and save your favorite drinks with it, and still make spontaneous changes for a drink without losing the saved programs.

When the espresso machine tells you to add water or beans, remove the water tank or bean container from the side of the machine and fill them up. This is much better than all the other super automatics that add from the top! You can place this machine under cabinets or on a high countertop without concern.

Get Work Done Without Compromising Coffee Taste

The burr grinder of this espresso machine grinds the beans quietly just before each brew, and we take care to use dry beans to avoid clogging it up. If anyone wanted flavored coffee, they grind their beans separately and add it through the pre-ground funnel. The amazing thing is, after one quick rinse the next brew never comes out tasting like the previous flavored brew.

Now we can’t use ‘grabbing a quick coffee from Starbucks’ as an excuse for leaving the office. Two espressos or tall drinks can be brewed at once, and the dual boilers of the machine make it possible for fast milk steaming or frothing.

No waiting around! Whoever proposed buying this espresso machine for the company deserves a promotion for increasing staff productivity.

Before each brew, I warm a cup by adding some hot water to it from the machine itself and let it sit for a few seconds before draining it into the drip tray. This preserves the temperature of my hot espresso when it goes into the cup.

Long Lasting Quality That is Easy to Maintain

We’ve made thousands of espressos and cappuccinos from the Jura Ena Micro 1 since it joined the office, and it’s still being used every day. The office staff appreciated the great espressos, and kept the machine clean fastidiously.

Cleaning and descaling tablets were ordered and run through the machine when it told us to, and that is really all there is to it!

Having an espresso made with this super automatic espresso machine is fast, simple and mess-free because you never have to deal with grinding and tamping. The machine itself is low maintenance, and the customer service is wonderful so far. Don’t let the price tag stop you from buying the Jura Ena Micro 1, because you’ll be glad not to order from Starbucks afterall.

Order this espresso machine here on Amazon while the stock lasts. There’s free shipping too.

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