The Best Semi Automatic Espresso Machine


Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

If you know what is the meaning of Mercedes with cars and Microsoft with computer software, then you know what the meaning of Rancilio Silvia is with espresso machine. Gee, you didn’t know you could also be a great barista, until you met this lovely machine!

You will have some great fun polishing up your coffee-making skills, and it didn’t take you long to produce the best espresso you ever made!

“If you like using a machine that will force you to develop your barista skills, the Silvia is for you.”– Steve Booth, reviewer at

Makes Professional Quality Coffee

You will never going to cafe again while you have the Rancilio Silvia; you will feel like a professional barista yourself after that, brewing you own coffee in the mornings, especially when the quality is no less.

“Never really been a hobbyist before. But now that I’ve got a Silvia, I feel like one.”– Ted Sexauer, reviewer at

You will love the steamer tip that comes with the machine. You like to have a cup of latte once in a while as a change to espresso shots, and this tip makes milk so snowy and smooth.

At first you thought that it is rather expensive –you can buy it at for $699 – but don’t forget that the number of shots you can make over the years with the Rancilio will save you a ton you would have splurged in coffee shops outside.

“We’ve had a Miss Silvia for over 7 years and it just keeps on working.” – Mel Hoppe, reviewer at

Also nicknamed “Miss Silvia”, the Rancilio is a semi-automatic built with a sleek and shiny shell that made it look so professional in my kitchen.

From Great to Superb with Accessories

Although Rancilio Silvia is a great machine by itself, you will find it more satisfactory to have some additions to it.

A good coffee grinder is a MUST if you want all you can get from Miss Silvia. Many serious coffee lovers like you have invested in a Rancilio Rocky. True, the Rocky is rather expensive for amateurs, but you really won’t regret the purchase if you’ve tried the cheap grinders!

You can make Rancilio even better by adding a PID. I’ve found that I can make great coffee every single time after having the PID to control the temperature. I’ve also bought a better tamper and some cleaning brushes.

Only Drawback with Miss Silvia

If there is anything that you find a drawback with Miss Silvia, it’s that she heats up a bit slowly. Apparently other users thought that Rancilio Silvia espresso machine could do better with a water level indicator too, but it wasn’t a problem to add water every time.

Rancilio Silvia is the best espresso machine to have if you’re a SERIOUS coffee lover. If you are just starting your coffee journey, I strongly recommend you read the Top Two Entry Level Espresso Machine.