Best Budget Burr Grinder

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder

Have you heard about the great advantages of having a burr coffee grinder? For those who’re looking for an affordable burr grinder to try out, the Capresso Infinity is your best bet.

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder

Good Quality Grinder that Gives You Better Espressos

While it is cheap for a burr grinder, the burrs are of good quality (they look made for commercial use, but I’m not sure) and gives you an even grind every time. When the grounds are of even size, you get a better tasting espresso.

One of the reasons for the Infinity’s awesome price tag is the gear reduction motor which is a low cost option for it to grind as slowly and as powerfully as the higher end burr grinders. Slow grinding reduces static and dust so that your coffee doesn’t fly everywhere, and your espresso won’t turn out muddy.

The great thing about having a burr grinder is you won’t get a bitter aftertaste when you drink the espresso. There is only sweet, syrupy deliciousness. It all happens because the grounds are evenly and correctly sized, and not dusty.

Easy to Use and Clean

I like how this grinder has a time dial to set for how long you want it to grind, instead of a button that you press and release.

It’s also very easy to clean and a cleaning brush is included. The upper burr can be taken out when you need to clean the insides, but be careful not to put it back upside down!

Good Value But Not Ever-Lasting

Having said all the great things about this grinder, here are some of the things that aren’t so great.

In between the grinding chamber and the chute there are always grounds that won’t come out by themselves. So unless you are inclined to remove them manually each time, you get only half fresh grounds for every brew.

I didn’t mind that when I started off grinding my own espresso beans, but I grew into one of those hobbyists who did. If you’re one of those budding enthusiasts, this is a good and inexpensive grinder to start, but if you’re already into espresso making for life, this is not your best coffee grinder.

The burrs do dull after a period of use, and the mechanics certainly cannot be compared with $300-grinders, but for less than $100, the Capresso Infinity is a wonderful grinder that will give you more delicious espressos than you’ll ever have with blade grinders. Catch the Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder with Free Shipping

For a better burr grinder that will last you longer, you may want to try Rancilio Rocky.

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