About Tim Wendelboe, Norway

Tim Wendelboe is a Norwegian barista and has won several Norwegian Barista Championships. He won the 2004 World Barista Championship as well as placing second in both 2001 and 2002. Tim also won the 2005 World Cup Tasters Championship.

In 1998 he started working as a barista in Oslo, for Stockfleth’s, a small chain with 3 stores in Oslo at that time. He soon took the responsibility of running the store he worked in and grew sales as well as the staff’s coffee knowledge. In 2002 he opened another espressobar for Stockfleth’s in the courthouse of Oslo, together with his friend and colleague Alexander Scheen Jensen. They teamed up to change all the Stockfleth’s stores and in 2005, Stockfleth’s had 6 stores with a high quality profile. Tim was then head of staff training and quality control before he quit in early 2006 to work as a freelance coffee consultant and barista trainer.

In July 2007, he started his own espresso bar, training centre, and micro roastery at Grünerløkka, in Oslo, called Tim Wendelboe, where he imports, roasts and sells high quality coffee. The company aims to be among the best roasteries in the world. Although this is not measurable Tim Wendelboe won the Nordic roaster competition in 2008, 2009 and in 2010. The company currently sells coffee to around 50 cafes and restaurants around Norway and a few cafes around the world.

Tim Wendelboe has very close relations with all the coffee producers they buy coffee from. Tim spends a lot of time traveling to origin countries in order to visit the producers and help them develop their coffee quality.

How to brew Espresso Like World Barista Champion

In this video series, Tim Wendelboe will tech you espresso how-to from A to Z

Espresso How-To Step 1: Setting the grinder

Espresso How-To Step 2: Dosing and Tamping

Espresso How-To Step 3: Espresso extraction

Espresso How-To Step 4: Steaming milk

Espresso How-To Step 5: Basic Latte art

Espresso How-To Step 6: Espresso machine cleaning

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