Japan’s best barista comes to Guam coffee shops

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World-class coffee came to Guam via two-year Japan barista champion Yoshikazu Iwase who has been training Infusion employees and serving up specialty coffees at Infusion’s Upper Tumon location for the past two days.


The renowned coffee-wiz also placed second in last year’s World Barista Championship held in Dublin, Ireland, and is the proud owner of the Rec Coffee shop franchise in Fukuoka, Japan.


Iwase first came to Guam three years ago to train Infusion employees, only without the esteemed titles he now holds. Richard Chan, president of Archway Inc., which owns Infusion Coffee and Tea, said he invited Iwase three years ago as a friend in the coffee industry, but invited him for this past week’s session as a coffee connoisseur and world champion.