Rejoice! Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee?

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Rejoice! Now, you can actually buy Jack Daniel’s coffee that tastes like whiskey

“Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee is premium 100% Arabica coffee, roasted medium, and infused with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey,” the official press release said. But, don’t get too excited, it doesn’t mean your coffee will make you feel a little tipsy, as the products are strictly non-alcoholic.


“We use the best tasting and highest quality coffees in the world and now add to that the authentic taste and aroma of Jack Daniel’s,” Charlie Newman, president/owner and roastmaster of World of Coffee added about the product.


Available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated forms, the products can be purchased in 250 gms (8.8oz) collectible tins and 42.5 gms (1.5oz) gift bags. But the coveted gourmet will be heavy on your pocket – while, the collectible tin of the coffee costs $ 21.95, the bag costs $ 6.95. Excited coffee lovers can buy the products from Jack Daniel’s online store.