How Coffee Filters Change Your Coffee Taste?

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Too Many Coffee Filters To Choose?

For coffee lovers who like hand-brewing coffee methods, there are away too many varieties of coffee filters to choose from. Basically, coffee filters can categorized into paper filters, sock cloth filters and metal filters. There are many arguments among each type of coffee filters carry out difference taste and profile. Finally Stumptown Coffee just did two serious experiences to compare among Chemex Filter, Melitta Oxygen bleached, Melitta unbleaced natural, Hario V60, Sock Cloth Filter, Able Kone and Able Disk. If you want to know how different type of coffee filters affect your pour over coffee, please check out their finding and recommendation from their blog.

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We are huge fans of filtered pour over coffee around here – and we’re big on experimentation, too. So we decided to do a little coffee filter tête-à-tête with our Coffee Education team to find if a filter affects the final outcome in a cup of coffee. Spoiler alert: It does.

First, a bit about our experiment – one of our main objectives here was to find out how much the filter alone affects the taste of the brew. To do this, we knew we needed to isolate the filter from the brew method.

For our first experiment, we poured water through the filters to see what the paper tasted like. Then, we poured water through a second time to find what was being imparted into your coffee after you rinse your filters.

Our second experiment was to taste coffee poured and brewed through each filter. So we brewed all the coffees the same way through each filter to taste the difference.

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