5 Things To Learn From Ben Kaminsky About WBC

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In early 2015, Seattle played host to one of coffee’s largest events: the World Barista Championship. Competitors from over 50 countries came to perform in front of an international audience of hundreds, with thousands more watching online. The World Barista Championship is a tremendous industry event, with an end goal of finding a Champion to serve as a global ambassador for specialty coffee for the following year.

We sat down with Ben Kaminsky, 2009-2011 US Cup Tasters Champion, to discuss how the WBC influences baristas and the coffee world today

Things To Learn From Ben Kaminsky

  1. How does a barista prepare for a competition?
  2. What does a winning competition routine look like?
  3. Is there a specific aspect to the personality of the winning barista?
  4. Does competition have any merit once you’re back behind the bar?
  5. What do you see for the future of the WBC?


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