Portable Coffee Maker For Homes and Travels

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This light weight easy to use anywhere anytime pressure coffee maker brews delicious, smooth and rich coffee flavour conveniently without stress. It presents every user with the smell of nicely brewed expresso. However, it has a lot of distinct features that makes it the best and affordable home, travel and outdoor mini coffee maker.

Manually Handheld Pressure Espresso Coffee Machine Pressing For Home Travel

Mini Manual Handheld Coffee Maker Review

Portability: The size which makes the beautiful design portable and handheld is of height-196mm, diameter of 58mm at most can contain 10g of coffee powder, 140ml water and can make 5cups of coffee at a time.

Usage: simply pour in the water and coffee powder, and then compress the bar by exerting pressure. It does not require any power source and more so, it’s very easy to clean by rising with water.

Durability: The plastic is made of PP Stainless Steel 304 Silicone. The cup is integrated making it perfect for espresso on the go. As a matter of facts this product has been used 100s of times and no fault developed so far.

Specialty: Any fine coffee: The portable coffee machine is designed to take any type of ground coffee. A finer grind is recommended for the best result after using the pump. It’s a simple and practical machine, and just makes best espresso! Best choice for gift!

Affordability: The price of this great product is relatively lower than its benefits, and also comparing the amount other manufacturers are selling their products while we offer the same if not even better in most cases, you’ll be surprised.

So it’s a known fact that because we offer this much at a relatively lower price doesn’t mean that other brands aren’t good, but in our case, this Manual Coffee maker Hand Pressure Portable Espresso Coffee Machine Pressing For Homes Travels brews the best flavoured coffee that’ll make your day.