Latte Macchiato

A glass filled with hot frothed milk, into which a serving of espresso has been slowly dribbled. The coffee colors, or stains, the milk. In both Italy and the United States, this drink is presented with a relatively short head of froth. Note that in the cappuccino, the milk and froth are added to the coffee, in the caffe latte they are poured simultaneously into a large bowl or glass, mixing them, while in the latte macchiato, the espresso is poured into the milk and froth, creating a layered effect as viewed through the serving glass.

How to make a Latte Macchiato

1.Pour cold milk into pitcher and froth it with steam wand in your Espresso machine.
(If your machine doesn’t contain the steam wand, simply pour the milk into a pan and steam it on the hob. Don’t forget to whisk the milk to make sure it won’t stick to the bottom.)

2.When the milk is ready, pour it into a tall ‘Latte’ glass. Use a spoon to separate a little bit of the ‘dry’ foam while pouring and add it on top.

3.Now it’s time to make a shot of Espresso coffee. I recommend you do not use a regular coffee cup, but something like a little milk jug that has the peak for pouring.

4. Take the hot Espresso and use approximately half a shot. Pour it carefully in the middle of the cup.

5. You may notice that on the top of the foam there is a hole where the milk has separated from the pouring; use the rest of the foam from the pitcher to cover it up and create a nice tip with a spoon.

6.The drink will now divide into three layers of milk, coffee and foam.

A few more tricks for a unique latte macchiato

You can garnish your latte macchiato like a cappuccino, getting creative with some latte art. You could also surprise your guests serving using original glasses, like a beer mug or an old conserve jar. The ultimate touch for a unique, delicious latte macchiato is putting a hazelnut chocolate candy on the bottom of the glass: it will melt in the hot milk and coffee, enriching your latte macchiato with a heartwarming scent of gianduja chocolate.

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